Here are some recommendations gleaned from hustling tickets to sporting events and concerts over the last 20+ years.

1. Know the general layout and sections of the stadium. Indoor stadiums often have 100, 200 and 300 levels. Baseball fields have their own nomenclature and concerts can have strange setups. Take a look at a seating chart before you go to get the lay of the land.

2. Know the approximate market value. A quick look at stubhub or the like will give you and idea of what to expect for each section.

3. Know where the scalpers are. Every stadium has it main points of entry and the scalpers try to go where the greatest foot traffic is without getting pinched. Street corners near off site parking lots are good. Areas with lots of t-shirt vendors also tend to have more scalpers.

4. Singles and pairs are the easiest to buy. 4 is another nice number but be prepared to split up larger groups.

5. For games with tailgates, that larger tailgates are a nice source of extra corporate tickets — these tend to be better seats and the sellers are often pricing for beer money instead of market value. If you fall into these, verify them but don't even bother to negotiate. Move straight to #11.

6. Inspect the tickets with a look of dismay "these are the best you have?" — but this is when its very important to verify game, section and seat numbers for EVERY ticket.

7. Question the price "you want how much?" … "ooohhhh" — often they will come down a bit right on the spot — this is also a good time to look around for other scalpers as if thinking about shopping elsewhere.

8. Offer the round number just below their price. If they quoted you per ticket, offer for the whole batch (ie, if quoted $55/ticket for two, offer $100for the pair). If they quoted the batch, offer per ticket.

9. If met with consternation (likely if you lowball), offer to work together to fatten that bankroll of his. "Help me out a little bit and I'll help you out a little bit."

10. Know that scalpers are hustlers. Go in with 3 eyes and 11 fingers. Look at the tickets again just after the exchange.

11. Treat it as a gentleman's game. Be polite, do your business, shake hands and enjoy for the game/event!


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