I have been looking at the "for sale" and "for lease" signs in the local area in Bali, where a lot of the deals are found "locally", ie not represented by agents, but marketed by side of the road signage.

I have found that the more permanent looking the sign, the less of a bargain there is, or some other type of deception is being presented on following up.

So there appears to be some expertise in getting this quite right.

A sign that's strong enough to withstand the storms and the wind and the rain of the wet season, but still have that look of, "I've just whipped this sign up quickly, for a quick sale, as I need money fast, as I just blew too much on a cock fight, come in you'll get a bargain."

No doubt other areas in business, which have got a bit too much spit and polish, like a "too well" dressed salesmen, get you thinking "caution ahead".

It's a fine line which pays for the representative to get it exactly right.

Phil McDonnell writes: 

I remember reading an academic paper many years ago that showed that annual shareholder reports without frills were the best stocks to own. If the company was not wasting money on hype and glossy materials then the stock probably was not over valued and they were running a lean machine internally as well. On the other hand companies with the glossy annual reports probably already had their run and were living high on the hog. I do not have a reference but others may recall the paper.


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