The capacity for rigorous thought; the flexibility and resilience to adapt to changing circumstances; the love of disciplined risk-taking; the hungry intellect: perhaps successful speculators already display those qualities in other life domains and then learn to apply them to markets.





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  1. pacific SW on February 3, 2012 8:59 am



    30%+ for 30 years.
    THE book review still missing…

  2. Curmudgeon 8903 on February 3, 2012 5:28 pm

    LOL! My guess is: When Palindrome will review EdSpec book then EdSpec author mite review Palindrome book…

  3. Bastiaan Agtereek on February 4, 2012 8:14 am

    Earn/collect money to invest in the markets is also important and being a male. I see on CNBC a lot of woman in the industry but not much on the Forbes lists (concerning finance,hedgefunds etc etc)

    Creating a good trackrecord, So work in the industry first with a bit of luck you will get noticed.

    It also has something to do with chances, like i already said Mr Paulson his hedgefund, now was that loved disciplined risk- taking or rigorous thought, not really adapting to changing circumstances. Maybe Mr Paulson can, like saying the risktaking business farewell, there have been leaving people with less capital. Your clients and/or team and status make you to go on and on, but why? Like Mr Cramer said “You’ll only have to become rich, once”.

    To know when enough is enough; but by most regrettably for them its always in hindsight. But now Mr Soros says everywhere he can that the Acocalyps is not far away. Sure, a bit dramatical from me, but I take him serious.(Like we should do)

    Don’t know about outsourcing your capital to promising starting hedgefunds if you really can’t leave the markets.

    In the end; can’t stand in the limelight of all you hedgfundguys (also Mr Buffett and Mr Slim (Mex), admire all of you because of the intellect, the money is intimidating. You all make me laugh sometimes, it enriches my life and fantasy.)One note: Mr Kass, i read him sometimes and everytime the ratio of money on the ’sidelines’ which will flow in from bonds to stocks is getting bigger. I think its now 2 years later and still nothing. His rigorous thought and thorough analysis still don’t give the just outcome. Mr Soros said some time ago, about bonds last year, Well “the trend is your friend” (isn’t it). Just before the little bump in the yield-curve. It was a subtle hint(or maybe not so subtle)to technical analysts and asset-allocators in the World that interest rates would stay low and still go lower probably.

    You could hear the disagreement and position taking

    Mr Soros (needless to say now) was right.


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