In my area in the past year I have seen an increase of people holding signs that they are homeless and begging for money. I note more couples doing the same and note more women begging at intersections etc. Also note more men on foot with back packs that look "bummy" traveling through town. Most without gloves. I have given out several pairs now that it is colder in Southern Ohio.



Phil McDonnell writes: 

Every four years the number of highly visible 'homeless' people rises significantly in sync with the presidential election year. The number of real homeless people or residents of drug houses does not really change much but at this time certain unions and re-election committees hire low cost people to man the highly visible street intersections. In my area I have seen them change shifts at even hour intervals. When the replacement approaches about a half block away the one on the corner sees them and puts his or her sign down and casually walks in their direction and does not acknowledge the replacement in any way–as they pass–on the sidewalk. The replacement then picks up the hard luck sign and begins their shift.


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