18 Charts, from Dan Grossman

December 22, 2011 |

 It's striking to me that not one of the 18 charts covering virtually every significant economic topic refers in the slightest to the massive legal and illegal immigration into the US over the last few decades, and how this could have correlated with chart topics such as working-age male unemployment, amount of toil to rent a house served by average school, medical care spending, etc, etc.

Stefan Jovanovich comments:

Thank you, Daniel. he decline in wealth for the "average" American since the collapse of the boom matches the slow, steady ruin that the 50% of the U.S. population who lived on farms endured after the end of the WW I boom. The migration to the industrial north of the white and black-skinned sharecroppers/small-hold farmers that is now celebrated as the precursor of the civil rights movement was an index of the desperation people felt. If people had really wanted to trade Tennessee for Chicago and Detroit, their children would not be moving back "home" as fast as they have in the past few decades. No one was talking about the depression of the 1920s on the radio any more than they are mentioning it on Twitter now; but it was occurring and continuing to grow in severity.


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