Knock and Run, from Craig Mee

December 16, 2011 |

 In my younger years, a popular game by the local crew in the neighborhood was knock and run, where you would knock on the front door of a neighbor, and then go hide in the bushes, while they searched around trying to find the culprit. Watching the AUS USD last night attack some "key" upside levels, reminded me of this pursuit.

Time and again the aussie rushed into knock on the door, only to get scared off by some lights, or wind rustling the branches and retreat back until finally it got close enough to make contact with the wooden door, knock, and run for the hills.

Makes me consider if a market's velocity into and then out of range highs gives a heads up as to whether a retracement will hold. No doubt you have to time it well, as you cant stay in the bushes all night awaiting the optimum "conditions".


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