1. You often get the other side so angry that he walks away from the deal.

2. The counterparty sees that you are only interested in the short term money and you are not interested beyond the dollar and clock and won't hire you.

3. You can only get the edge on someone once and the next time he will save the good stuff for someone else or get even with you.

4. You get known as an ephemeral person.

5. The other side when he thinks about how you got the edge on him all the time ultimately bears many hard feelings and there is a backlash of unpleasantness much greater than the amount at issue.

6. You become a short term person only possibly getting short term edges and miss out on the big deals.

7. You lose the big for the little.

8. Loyalty is lost.

9. You look cheap to your other half and she hates all the unpleasant situations you get involved in as you haggle.

The above comes about because a lecturer at the Junta tried to get an extra edge on me. It reminds me of the time I had a chemical company for sale. The owner had a 30 million deal signed and sealed. Then in the car, he asked a wasp public company owner for 1 million more. The public company got so mad he thought he couldn't trust the guy and canceled the deal. The owner eventually sold for 1/10 the price and his life was ruined.


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