A Spec notes: I have found that markets are moving in the direction of the announcement to an inordinate extent recently. And relates it to who knows what and the sneakers he sent the fake Doc and the book he sent to Patrick Ewing, the most sullen player to ever put on baggy long shorts, asking these two to change places. But Rocky is doubtful and demands to see the evidence.

Philip J. McDonnell comments:

Personally I am waiting for Occupy the White House. But that is not likely to come from the ACORN backed OWS movement. The Chair can use me as a human shield. But in a sense I agree with Rocky but for a different reason. I assume you are speaking of a significant correlation regarding such pre announcement movements. The practical problem is that all one can really assert is that someone figured it out in advance. For example the jobs number can be gamed by looking at the number of jobs posted on Monster.com or even craigslist.org. If the market moves in advance is it because someone leaked or someone legally gamed it using a little cunning. Personally I lean toward the conspiracy/leak theory as more likely but it fails the legal hurdle of proof.

The other problem is that legal standards require proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but we trade on mere correlations alone. We also know that correlation does not imply causation but it is usually good enough to trade on.





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  1. steve on October 28, 2011 7:11 am

    I met Patrick Ewing at Gameworks in Tampa along with many of the Magic players a dozen years ago, and found him to be very delightful. He shook little chidrens hands and posed for pictures and signed autographs. I also met Grant Hill, Andrew Lequerc and others. They were like little children playing the video games. I remember Hill had the thinnest calves I have ever seen on a man.

    Here are some rivals to the demeanor of Ewing at least on the court. Robert Parrish (the Chief) I never saw him smile. James Edwards (Buddha) of the Pistons and the Bad Boys, a collective of misanthropes with no equal. Rick Barry biggest complainer who never committed a foul his whole life. P.J. Carlesimo so irritating as a coach for the Warriors that Latrell Sprewell came back after practice and attacked Carlesimo earning him a 1 year suspension from the league.

    On another sport, I once saw Bundini Brown irritate Muhammad Ali so badly between rounds that he took a swing at him.

    Ty Cobb was so mean and nasty that he once went into the stands to hit a man in a wheelchair.

  2. steve on October 28, 2011 7:14 am

    P.S. I never will forget a famous fight on the court with the Heat and the Knicks which Ewing was involved in and Jeff Van Gundy clinging to the ankles of Alonzo Mourning. Mourning was one of the most courageous players to ever play NBA basketball.


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