Example 4 in this interactive geometry textbook shows the procedure I used to teach Aubrey where to hit it in air hockey to score. The table is 7 ft by 3 1/2 feet. If he hits it from 2 feet from his end of the table, from the middle, he will have to aim on the right side, 2 1/2 feet away from the current position of the puck on the right side to land it in the pocket. If he hits it from 2 feet from his end of the table but all the way to the left side, i.e. 3 1/2 feet from the right side, then he will have to aim 2 feet from the rite side of the opponents goal, (3 feet from where started from.). x/(5-x) = 3 1/2 /5 where x is the required distance. As seen it's also the way to calculate the height of any object in the distance when you know how far away you are from it and you have a mirror or can visualize angles. I find that 7 years ago I went through a similar exercise with my youngest daughter Kira who recently completed her first year at Columbia Engineering.  I find many applications to movements of prices in markets here. What are the best applications you see?


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