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I attached a recent find which you might be interested in reading, Story of a Speculator written by Arthur Cutten. The book form was a private publication but originally was a three part serial in the Saturday Evening Post published in late 1932. There are many similarities between Cutten's views and your editorial, The Speculator as a Hero.

Perhaps you are already aware but if not, Cutten swung such a large line at the CBOT in wheat that it prompted the gov't to begin position limits in futures.

I'd also like to apologize for taking "french leave" from the Spec list almost two years ago now. Originally it was meant to be a short break to aid my focus throughout the day by having less distractions from the trading screen and it's worked so well that I haven't joined back up but still follow DailySpec. The education and friendships I formed from the SpecList were amazing and I'll always be grateful to have been a part.

Thanks again and I hope you're doing well,






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  1. Alice Allen on September 4, 2011 10:55 am

    I serendipitously found the full text of “Story of a Speculator” by Arthur W. Cutten free online while tracking something else mentioned in another Daily Speculations post. Use this easy link for a PDF or text version:

    This is not currently available through Google Books, Amazon, or Alibris, perhaps because it originated as a magazine series and few copies of the compilation were printed.


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