It has been interesting to see in the course of these negotiations how every dodge and feint from the Zacharian and Remusian play book has been used so frequently. We have seen "Your own man" and "don't throw me in the briar patch" many times, and "you're the one that broke it up" and "You're taking care of your interests much better than I'm taking care of my interests" and "here's a gift to star the negotiations (the golf game)" et al.

I haven't seen commented or named by Zachar however, "I'd like to go through with your deal but my sister in law is opposed to it". By this I mean, that "Rand Paul and the tea party boys will not vote for any deal that has a tax increase" or "Nancy Pelosi and the Women Senators will not agree to any reduction in social security".

What we need is a systematic classification of all these negotiation techniques so we can catalogue them as they come out. At the head of the list is "what will happen in Asia if we don't agree to increase the service rates?" Or "what we need is another 500 point drop before the service rates go up". The stock market plays a role, and I also like "the bond market went down for the first time in 3 weeks amid fears that a deal (a service rate increase) was not reached." Forget about the fact that it's within a point of a yearly high.

The Goddesses of the market look down upon us and have a belly laugh at our foolishness as we sway. That's for sure. But can money be made by seeing through all these snares and delusions?

Well in retrospect, we know that the stock market when it's down much is merely being used as a tool. But how to withstand the 20% drop of oct 2008, as it is used for its evil purposes?

George Zachar writes:

Negotiation tactic taxonomy appears to be a developed field. Check out these articles.

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Jim Sogi lists some of his own negotiation tactics:

1. Higher authority. The absent person with authority needed to approve(ie the wife, the husband, the underwriter, the supervisor at the car lot, the rank and file in Congress. Classic negotiation gambit. I'm on your side, and I'm with you on this, but I have to convince etc etc.

2. You're really killing me on this deal. I'm losing my shorts on this. My kids are going to go hungry.

3. I really like you. I want to help you make this deal. You look like a good guy.

4. Ok we have a deal, but there is one last detail I'd like to discuss…

5. A really good one is when you have a deal, but then the negotiations just start . Oh we'll have to change delivery, the supplier just called and there's a strike, oh there's a slight problem with that model, oh the bank just called on the financing and…etc etc

6. First or second round….I'm laying all my cards on the table here, and here is my absolute maximum authority.

7. The nuclear option: if you don't accept this deal the sky will fall down.

8. Make him an offer he can't refuse. The Godfather.

9. Stall stall stall when time is asymmetrical making one party ("O") look really bad.

10. Your mother would be ashamed of you. The voters will be ashamed of you. Your boss will fire you.

11. Listen I just got fired, my cat died, my pick up truck just broke down and my mother died. Can you pleeeeze give me a little slack here?

12. Nibbling. Oh can you throw in gas, free trip, delivery, warranty, extra this that etc etc.

13. Silence.

14. Negotiating against yourself. You'll have to do better than that.

15. The hypothetical. If I was to offer you x, would you consider that a good offer?

16. Bracketing. I'm not going to give you a penny more than x. That's the beginning and bottom of the scale.

17. The red herring. I'll give you x and y for z, but would be willing to give you just x for z-1. (form of bracketing)

18. Reluctant seller. (Brer Rabbit). 

19. That offer is an insult, a slap in the face.

20. Keep 'em waiting. Soften them up at bit. Let the salesman sit in the waiting room for about an hour. Let the car buyer sit for about a half hour while the salesman and manger talk about golf.





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