The future president is at this establishment again and it made me focus on the many scams that one is exposed to each day because of intervention. Here are 3 that happened today out of many hundreds we are exposed to.

The nanny wants me to talk to her Dr. An operation has been scheduled. But the Dr. doesn't have time to tell her the studies that show why the operation is required because of…. (probably the minor reimbursement she'll get from co-pay or some such like the terrible plan with a british college name. All Drs hate when you present that Oxbridgian name and it makes them your enemy because to help you, you're going to suck their life blood out of them by making them do something that helps you, but costs them much more in opportunity cost than the Oxbridges pay back). The Dr. says that she can only talk to family members, so I get on and say in Jamaican "Mon, what's the problem here. We have to nooo what the problem is before the procedure in this family," but the Dr. asks me my name and my position and I relent in pretending I am the husband and give her my "This is DOCTOOOOR NIEDERHOFER HERe" but it don't work, and he says he can't talk on phone with anyone but a family member because of government regulations.

Then I go downstairs to jog with the future pres who's a frequent triathalon winner, and there's a grassy knoll about 10 feet in diameter next to an outdoor minuscule bike rack. I explain that when you do these things you get service credits for being a green building and I point to the solar panel facing the North which is a horse from same garage. He says that in his construction business he frequently ran into that kind of thing and it's de rigeur in all buildings these days. I am the only person that uses the grassy knoll in the building because I am the slowest.

Then I go to get my hair cut at a beauty salon that has good prices and fast service. They can't use a scissors because they're not licensed to do so and they can only use an electric razor and can't get the hair off the old man places because they're not licensed for that also.

I ride Aubrey back on a bike and get stopped by the park fuzz. They have more green policeman patrolling the paths than riders. I am not allowed to ride near the river because it's reserved for pedestrians and must ride next to the west side highway which is choked with car exhaust and is bad for a son. Here's one of a thousand regulations prohibiting victimless activities that take away the margin of choice and pursuit of happiness that was so prevalent in the golden days.

The future president likes to say that half the prisons are filled with those engaged in victimless crimes and we have the highest incarceration rate in the world because of that, and what would happen if these 3 million people were put back on the street and could do productive things instead of figuring out how to get cell phones inside of prisons et al.

There are many others cons and margins of doing the right thing taken away but there's a start.





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