U.S. Economy: Payrolls Grow at Slowest Pace in Nine Months, Bloomberg News  

If he had honest press perhaps the paragraph(s) in question would read something like this:

Policy makers, who in the past were confident that the measures they were undertaking would result in much lower unemployment than we are seeing today, had to fall back on their generic and meaningless refrain and warned to “expect the unemployment rate to continue to decline but the pace of progress remains frustratingly slow,”  It is clear that the policy makers have no idea what they are doing or that their highest priority goals are at odds with their stated goals.  We are thus dealing with a bunch of corrupt liars because we do not believe they could be this incompetent.

These policy makers have borrowed around $4 trillion and printed trillions to supposedly bring the economy back from the brink.  While no one can know what would have happened to the economy had they not done so, their competence has been shown to be lacking by the frustrating pace of the recovery and a multitude of predictions that have not come to pass.  Many economists believe that the actions these policy makers undertook only worsened the overall financial situation, and that the real goal of these actions was to pay off their political allies.  Many economists also believe that the Stimulus was a corrupt failure and Quantitative Easing traded a brief but sharp recession for a prolonged one, while simultaneously creating inflation risk should the economy ever recover.  Some economists also believe that the real purpose of TARP was to save the politically connected bankers and not to stabilize the economy.

The uncertainty these corrupt policy makers are created is believed by many economists and businessmen to be the real reason why unemployment remains stubbornly high.  Yet like possessed zombies they only ask for more of the same.  In addition, they are using class warfare language to justify raising taxes, something very few economists believe will result in any improvement to the economy.  Also like possessed zombies, they are using widows and orphans rhetoric to justify refusing to cut spending. It is clear that their minds are not open to free-market economics.  Two big questions arise: what can be done to get rid of all of them as quickly as possible and how can their shenanigans be covered in the mainstream press?  We should also ask ourselves a deeper question: how could America, the bastion of capitalism, become a fascist quasi-dictatorship without a lot of alarm bells going off?

Sam Marx writes:

The one thing that I’m missing in this High Unemployment/Recession period are the interviews/coverage of those in misery because of job losses.

Funny how in a Democrat administration the media do not interview the unemployed, the homeless, the displaced, families in misery, etc.

This administration is causing great misery in our country because of its Socialistic economic policies and it’s not being covered by the media..

A record number of families are now on food stamps. There is misery in many parts of the country.


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