I think it says something that China's best marathon record time ranks it 24th out of countries and India's best time is 2:12:00 rank it the 60th fastest country.

USA is 3rd in population but 4th best marathon time.

These two country's populations dwarf the rest, with these 2 added into the top 60 countries by time there is 0 correlation. Without them there is R sq of 20%

I believe this has more to do with the size of government than it does with the population size. To have 4 times the population of the USA, how many times must the individual be squashed to keep order.

I have heard that you have a better chance becoming a pro ball player when you are from a small community than when you are from a big city. I don't know if this is true. Would like to see the stats. However looking over the data for marathoners it looks like you have a better chance of being world contender if the population is less than 100 million.





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