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Five Magic Formula Stocks For The Next Year:

Ontario-based Research in Motion ($23 billion market cap) is the creator of the BlackBerry smartphone and its operating system. It's been producing tremendous growth in recent years, but has been losing some market share to Google's Android smartphones and the iPhone recently, which has spooked many investors. My Greenblatt-based model thinks that's made it a bargain. With an earnings yield of 22.2% and a return on capital of 66.6%, it's the 11th-highest-ranked stock in the market, according to this model.

James Goldcamp writes: 

Interestingly when I run the screener on their own site (the strategy's author not Forbes) I don't get RIMM, but a host of other tech stalwarts like CSCO, MSFT, AMAT, HPQ, and DELL are returned in the screen of the 50 highest rated by the magic formula.


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