There is a hairy rule of thumb that sleeping in the buff is healthier for you than not. It relates I believe to the actual tested idea that sleeping with open windows is much healthier and gives much less respiratory disease than sleeping with closed windows as Asian women are all too prone to do, especially those living in air conditioned countries like Singapore. And it should be tested whether their respiratory diseases are much more common than they should be to their decreased longevity. We should ask Keeley what his tests on this show, or Louis L' Amour's study of wildlife.

As for its relation to markets, one comes back to the idea of playing canasta against 5 men named Doc. Impossible to win when markets are inactive as flexions must take their overhead out. Thus one must deal with the Asians, and the hotter the country, the greater the dishonesty I believe.

Jeff Watson writes:

Florida's a pretty hot place and I refuse to do business with any brokers or money people in this state because of the general lack of honesty. Something about the sun, surf, and sand that attracts people of questionable character. 

Kim Zussman writes:

Corruption looks to be (inversely) related to latitude, with the obvious glaring exception of The Motherland.

Gary Rogan writes:

Speaking of hot dishonest Asian countries, I coincidentally just came across this story about the black market in Indonesia in RIM playbooks and other things.

John Floyd writes:

There is a somewhat new science that recommends "compression clothing" and I have been experimenting with it for both sleeping and exercise. I have found some merit to use.

In terms of fresh air as I recall the studies I have read indicate the high levels of air pollutants that accumulate inside a building, within in air ducts, etc. I always sleep with windows open regardless of the temperature outside and also use a hospital grade air purifier.

In Japanese there is a saying "Renma" meaning always polishing and improving. I think we can look at air circulation and blood circulation in the same way. Same is true for trading and the more we foment new ideas and ways to improve hopefully the better we become and avoid staleness.

Having lived in the Caribbean for several years and experienced months of absence from the heat while in New England winters I can tell you the adjust to the heat without air conditioning does take at least a day. But I found within a day I was fully adjusted. I think it becomes more difficult if you switch back and forth from A/C to non A/C in a hot climate. Again the trading link here may be one of consistency and allowing for adjustment processes that may be bring one out of their comfort zone.

In terms of the various prevalence of crime, corruption, work ethic, etc. across regions that I think is for one to do some research and analysis that would include Charles Murray's findings, geopolitical history, and personal experiences to reach their own conclusions.

Of course one would need to draw upon a sufficient sample size to determine for example whether those in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong or the Caribbean, etc. have a certain characteristics.



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