My martial arts is most unsatisfactory. Louis L'amour who was almost unbeaten as a heavyweight always said, the time to win a fight is at the first blow. That is always when you can escape or win. And the Sacketts always followed this in winning their battles against their evil enemies– the Higgins.

I followed this rule unknowingly in rackets. Always followed the motto "the first blow is half the battle." Desperately tried to get out to an early lead. Then once having achieved it, I would pretend the adversary was ahead by the same 5 zip score that I was ahead so I would try harder and never give up.

I believe the basketball books will take a 55 or 60% bet that the team that scores the first basket will win. Of course there is the part - whole fallacy in this, even more than in the totally worthless January baromoter that hasn't worked since it was discovered.

Many would be flexions apply this idea to the market, and their activities are most amusing to behold.


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