Nicholas Biddle was known as the Golden Calf in the 1830s because of the bent knees, the subservient worship, and hat doffing that accompanied his every utterance and activity, in allusion to the false bowing to that beast in Exodus while Moses was preoccupied.

Who is the comparable Golden Calf in the financial world today, and will his fate be similar?

Indeed, are there golden calves in other fields that deserve to be treated with less reverence?

How can this be distinguished from the "Useful Idiot" or "Your Own Man" or "the Fifth Columnist", and can a scalogram of such be created?

Yes, inquiring minds want to know, and let us not refrain from starting our typology in the corn belt if the boots fit.

Pitt T. Maner III writes:

Might not Dr. Spock have fallen into one of the categories? Some ideas of his were right and some wrong with long and short term implications to the health of a generation.


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