The UAE has the 6th world's largest reserves. It is a federation of 7
absolute monarchies of about 5 millions of which less than 20% are UAE
nationals, while the majority of the population are expatriates. It
appears they feel pretty vulnerable and the instability domino may not
be over in the region

"The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has hired the founder of the controversial US security company Blackwater, to set up a paramilitary force made up of foreign mercenaries in Abu Dhabi.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince is to set up an 800-member battalion of foreign troops. Documents obtained by The New York Times (NYT) on Sunday showed the crown prince of Abu Dhabi being behind the $529m deal."

Victor Niederhoffer adds:

In response to our Paolo's heads up on mid east activities, it reminds me of the time my father and his partner– the best team of cops ever, with Miltie being the toughest and my father the smartest, they always got their men and gang– went into a pool room to check on a robbery in my house.

Miltie rushed in drew his gun and made every pool hustler stand up against the wall. "Put up your hands and don't say a word."

A hustler leaned over to my uncle next to him and mumbled "F cken cops". Miltie said, "What did you say, I heard that you son of a gun."

The hustler said, "yeah, so what, that guy (Howie) asked me who you were." 





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  1. Chris Monoki on May 19, 2011 11:04 pm


    The UAE having the 6th world’s largest oil reserve is patently false. It’s not even in the top ten. I beg you to do research before taking headline listings of the world’s most reserve among nations as a truth.


  2. Chris Monoki on May 19, 2011 11:25 pm

    Erik Prince? Blackwater. Funny.

    First, Mr. Prince should go back to what he does(n’t) do best and that’s make (lowend) tennis rackets for the masses.

    Second, Blackwater (Xe Services if you [a] know what you’re talking about, and [b] keep yourself at least half up to date) has always been inferior to structured operations. Why? Because they toss away bearing, structure and discipline.

    To add, there was a multi-million price tag on bin Laden’s head. Did an individual get him? Did contractors? Blackwater (Xe)? Triple Canopy? Did any ‘bad ass’ get him? No. Slow-rolling humint and a well-oiled tactical team got him.

    To higher missionaries and not have the aid or backing of an ally telegraphs something that you’re alluding to, and much more so than your premise.

    I swear, some of you ought to serve before you opine and look absolutely friggin’ foolish.


  3. admin on May 21, 2011 6:48 pm

    Mr. Monoki.
    With all due respect, the author of the note is the personage that knows the most about military capabilities that one has have had contact with. This is attested by his position at the top of many , many thousands in the service that he has advanced through with many competitive and difficult challenges and tests, surpassing Jack Aubrey himself in the speed of his rise, and this without any influence. Vic

  4. Anonymous on May 23, 2011 4:04 am

    according to the CIA World Factbook the UAE has the 6th world’s largest reserves of oil:
    Of course they may be better and more updated sources. The idea, however, is that they are an important player in this market. As the country demographics is very peculiar with a low number of nationals compared to the total population, I thought the news could be of interest to display the vulnerability issues in the region.

  5. bo keely on May 24, 2011 9:27 pm

    A friend is the father of a career mercenary who has worked for Blackwater Worldwide. Their comment whose name can’t be attached is, ‘The Blackwater Company was not in the past well-managed- and most likely still is not. It is recruiting hot and heavy for the UAE mercenary army.’


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