Several interesting aspects of this flexionic story ("Bin Laden Was 'Pulling the Levers' of Al-Qaeda")  to me are:

1. The emphasis by Mr. Bin Laden on trying to do deeds around the 10th anniversary of the event, thereby giving force to Gann's theory that recurring events tend to fall on significant anniversaries.

2. The emphasis on the interrogation techniques used and the denial that any of them were valuable.

3. The absence of any inside scoop on the economics of Mr. Bin Laden's operation, e.g. his well known pride in masterminding the September 11th destruction with just a few hundred thousand dollars of expenditures with an output input ratio greater than some of the best op amps.

4. The emphasis on the investigation of those who found out about it.

5. The admission that none of the operations were ready to go. Shortly before 9/11 , I was offered an amazing number of great bids on S and P puts, and I am convinced that the other side had taken their mink coats in the US out of storage so as to be ready for a quick exit. A friend told me the week before that a bloodbath on the scale of 10 17 87 was felt to be imminent.

Anatoly Veltman writes:

I had no inside knowledge; I wish I had– and would've saved my best friend's life.

Oil charts were as telling as the week prior to Saddam's entry into Kuwait in 1990. Into September 2001, oil chart looked Bearish, projecting an imminent and deep dive below $25.00 support…except for one tiny obstacle: oil market was holding like a rock, in a chart position where it was not supposed. All shorting was being stubbornly absorbed, and one could feel the underlying bid's determination. It felt like a classic "buy the Rumor". And then came the Fact; and the long-awaited market re-open. Oil gapping up to literally "one minute of glory above $30.00". The relentless aggressive daily selling immediately commences and takes WTI straight down to the original technical projection below $20.00!



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