Train drivers know that if you accelerate out of the turn and do not stop at the scheduled stations for paying customers , in the end you don't make any money.

It seems the U.S. stock market has that problem… (For example, recently, silver and the EURO is beginning too..)

In the last quarter of 98 as well as the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2010, the SP500 thought it could pay for its upkeep while disregarding who was going to pay for the wear and tear, and when the only passenger turned off the music, all of a sudden you could hear the car start to rattle and the brakes fail. Then it's just a matter of whether the driver has enough experience at the wheel, and enough instruments working on the dashboard, to pull the chariot up to a safe stop (which is usually in direct proportion to how fast he was going) or go banging from guard rail to guard rail.


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