As I was just watching a "debate" on CNBC about whether the oil companies deserve their "tax breaks" and also hearing some of the outtakes from the "hearings" in Congress on the subject, it struck me that this is one of the worst examples of the fascist media being in cahoots with the fascist government.

Doing a little research on the mainstream press articles on removing the "tax breaks", one gets a striking realization that they never ever explain what those "tax breaks are". The CNBC "debate" itself was a farce that didn't deal with that explanation either from the moderator, who while seemingly being fair had another "cast member" periodically chiming in with derisive comments about removing "subsidies" and the "enormous profits" these companies enjoy. As best as I can determine, the "tax breaks" are nothing more than write-offs of various expenses. The vast majority of them are not any different than for any other manufacturers.

If one reads some of what has been written on this topic, it's hard not to realize that this is a giant conspiracy (or natural behavior of like-minded people) to demonize a certain group with catch phrases without explaining any facts other than the "outrageous profits" of that group.


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