I was a white collar criminal. Convicted of securities fraud. I sold securities that were a classic ponzi. I went to a federal prison and served 33 months. Why did I do it? The answer is not easy. I am currently 41, and committed my crimes at the age of 27. I did it because I was impatient for success. I felt that the world was bitter and cold and that I should also be bitter and cold. I did it to impress my father. He never thought much of me and I desperately wanted his acceptance. I did it fulfill my own feelings of inadequacy. I did it for the money, it was easy and fast.

In retrospect, I was a monster. A sociopath. A very ugly person.

Would I do it again? If the stakes were right, I probably would. I have felt the terrible sting of the federal whip, have been subjected to the worst the penal system has to offer. Stuffed into a solitary cage for 39 days, slept on a cold floor with only a blanket of human hair and fingernails. Been publicly humiliated in the newspaper, TV, and internet. So, why would I possibly take such a risk?


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