A recent trip to Boston leads me to note the principle of least action (i.e. that physical systems evolve via the most efficient route possible to their ultimate destination, i.e the path for which the numerical value of the action integral is smallest)  mentioned at the Boston Museum of Science, and the principle of convergent evolution, noted in the exhibit of lung fish and their deep sea counterparts at the Boston Aquarium, both visited with Aubrey and the Floyds on our trip to the Hartford science museum, the best for kids I've seen, and our trip to Sturbridge Village, where one learned that banks of the 19th century closed down at 12 so that the cashier could approve loans, and saw some great mills in action, and saw that the Boston Redsox under John Henry's management provide a much more sober and enjoyable experience at Fenway Park than any of the raucous New York arenas, with the kids is a most stimulating trip, and this will explain my absence for the last several days. I will try to think of ways to quantify the principle of least action in a general way as a meal for a life time. One thing I accomplished on my trip in my efforts to improve my mathemagician work is that I can remember 5 or 6 digits on my hands and feet and elbows and this should be very helpful if I am ever forced to spend much time alone.


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