Hi Victor,

A lot has happened since we spoke after my Junto presentation in February.

I've made "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" more compelling by focusing on what's at stake for the world if we don't embrace Rand's concepts of limited government, free markets and reason. And I've made the story of her life–epic as it was–more of an enhancement to the story rather than the main event. Thanks again for helping me see that with your feedback.

Also, in talking to people after the Junto meeting, I recognized that many Rand fans want to support the film but aren't in a position to be investors (and I'm sure there are thousands of such fans around the world). So we just launched a grassroots internet fundraising effort that we are very excited about:

I hope you will take a look. As you can see, for anyone wanting to help to get the film made, it makes it easy for them to join in. They can see our new two minute video about the project (starring yours truly!). Of course, we chose to launch the site right now to take advantage of excitement surrounding the "Atlas" movie.

This grassroots approach joins the other three financing strategies we are using: private investment, institutional support, and pre-sales to distributors.

We are hoping that everyone will want to jump in at whatever level they are comfortable with, and please do forward this to any others that you think would be interested.

Thanks for everything,






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  1. Eric Ross on April 21, 2011 1:47 pm

    I must say, the move “Atlas” was a great movie. I was very impressed with the characters and the actors who played all key roles. Elis Wyatt was “Elis WYATT…etc. The actors nailed their personalties spot on, IMHO. I did like the ending leading to the next 2 parts. I hope the are released with in the next year.

    Main stream press and Hollywood has not given due credit to the film. Of course, what do I expect from those industries? Nothing.

    I hope Vic and Laurel are doing well. It’s been a long time.

    Wish all the best.




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