It was 2 years ago at this precise time of the year when the world's experts claimed the end of Federer's career.

He lost the Aussie final to Nadal, then failed to win anything until the Madrid Masters which spring boarded him to his first title in Paris and his sixth Wimbledon crown.

I am not making any predictions what is to happen in the coming months for Federer, just pointing out the phenomenon how the masses are always the best contrarian indicator.

There was tremendous call buying in the retail and institutional classes over the last few weeks in Google.





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  1. Acetrader on April 15, 2011 3:11 pm

    “There was tremendous call buying in the retail and institutional classes over the last few weeks in Google.”

    and GOOG down today post earnings call 44.48 (7.69) as of 3pm EST. nice correlation

  2. steve on April 15, 2011 5:42 pm

    The same comments were being said about Nadal on this site after his knee injury several years back. Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

    I argued that his poor play was attributable to his injury and when that cleared up he would return and we would most likely see the true Nadal.
    People did the same to Agassi after 30 years of age. He had dropped precipitously in the world rankings and pundits were calling for his iminent retirement.

    Same about Jordan when he returned from his one year retirement. He won 3 more world championships.

    Nabobs of negativism have been saying that Woods will never win another major and he almost won the Masters. He will probably be the real favorite at Pebble Beach for the U.S. Open. He is still the scariest golfer in the world. A threat at any time to take over any tournament he is entered in.

    Lance Armstrong was written off after his bout with cancer. This was before he won 7 Tour De France titles.

    James J. Braddock broke his hand fighting and before he became world Champion heavyweight by defeating Max Baer an absolutely terrifying wrecking machine of a fighter.

    Mariah’s Storm was the horse upon which the movie Dreamer was inspired from. She broke her cannon bone and returned to racing with a very respectable career. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariah%27s_Storm

    In late 2008 when the market nosedived. Great stocks like GS, GOOG, AAPL and others sunk to once in a lifetime prices. Those with money and guts brought out the canes and made a lot of money going long.

  3. David Jansen on April 17, 2011 12:51 pm

    My impression is that Federer has lost his inner desire.


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