The Ball brothers were on p. A3 of today's Investor's Business Daily: "The Ball Brothers Bottled Can-Do Spirit In a Jar. "

The article describes not only their self-made creation of a manufacturing success, but also the great benefits they produced & gave to the community at large.

Pitt T. Maner III writes: 

I used to buy cases and cases of Ball jars (everything available on the store shelves). The supermarket checkout ladies would laugh at me and ask what I was canning.

"Contaminated soils, Ma'am" The change in expression on their faces was priceless.

Ball jars are very useful for screening for petroleum-impacted soils in the field. You fill the jars up half way with soil, cover the top with aluminum foil, put the ring back over the foil, let them sit for a couple of minutes and then use a field organic vapor analyzer (OVA), PID (photoionization), detector to sample the air in the headspace of the jar.

There are many more uses for common products than one would think.


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