My best friend, Jeff, runs a filter/HVAC business and specializes in cleaning the HVAC units of small businesses. He cleans the units on a recurring schedule….a very nice business model.

I have found that Jeff, is a pretty good "tell" for the economy. When his business is hurting, the small business world is hurting. He says that he sees a notices drop off in business, speed of pay from his customers and his ability to land new clients when gas prices get above $3.00/gallon. Every increase in the price of gas thereafter has a noticeable negative impact on his business.

His business is down. His customers are paying more slowly. He hasn't picked up a new customer in several weeks. More than the usual number of customers are going out of business.

Contrary to what you hear on the news and from DC, the price of gas has a very immediate and negative effect on what happens on main street when it goes up too much.


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