One is reminded of Victor Hugo's The Man Who Laughed where people in Spain, one believes in the 13th century, (albeit Cervantes didn't write about it) were purposely deformed and trained as deformed so that the rest of the population would not succumb to envy of the flexions or in general be unhappy with their relative lot. Perhaps Mr. Jov will set the record straight.

Art Cooper writes:

Here is a link to the Monty Python skit in which John Cleese plays an Oxford-educated village idiot. When a villager walks by, Cleese acts like a mentally-defective clown. When no one else is around, Cleese speaks to the camera in a highly educated tone, explaining the importance & usefulness of the traditional village idiot to the mental well-being of other villagers.

Bo Keely writes:

One must study the village idiot to discover just what cards he holds. Every town has its hunchback, dwarf, ostensible retard or combination who is the resident savant. Here in Toba, Sumatra it is a cerebral-palsied man sitting next to me doing the town accounts on the computer. In your post 'Grassroots Jungle Economy' the village idiot poisoned the town like Sweeney Todd with coconut sweets from his sewage fed coconut tree. In 'Village Idiot' the hunchback in the key Surfactio, Mexico RR junction is the secret liason to a daily dozens of illegal Central Americans riding the Mexican freights to milk the USA economy. Anyone pushed by a physical or mental deformity from out under the Bell Curve is to be seriously reckoned with.





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  1. vic on April 4, 2011 8:22 am

    One can now see the necessity of the Lehman bankruptcy in another lite. It was necessary for the beggars from the other companies to show what terrible calamity would occur were the shadow elite to allow the other companies begging for alms not to requite their supplications. Of course, many of these activities and events are not consciously planned, and certainly the perps themselves would deny it to their dying days. Nevertheless it was guaranteed to happen, and history has many precedents for same. Recently reading The Rothschilds by Ciozzi where similar supplications with the Austrian shadow elite by the Rothschilds occured in 1846. One interesting sidelite. Unlike our current shadow elite who are rich beyond measure from their past and proposed subsequent activities, Metternich never took a dime from the treasury and had to borrow 1000 Florins from Rothschild to leave the country when events similar to the riots in the Mideast today became overly contagious. Of course, the alms given to the Libyan Central Bank by the shadow elite today, and the dispensation from confiscating their funds is another horse from the same garage. vic


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