I leave tomorrow for a yearly checker tourney that is 500 miles each way. Regular at 3.55 today.

The oil companies must track my upcoming trips.



Russ Sears writes:

My training friend in the 90's had a similar lament about his marathons and training vacations…

He was on a tight budget to squeeze in a many trips as possible. I think he made 2 mistakes. One, I always thought he over-weighted the times he lost due to gas prices and did not complain the prices went down, and 2 because he planned more trips when the prices were low.

Paying the entry fee and the preparation time of training made it hard for him to back down. In other words, he always bought high because he sold low like many 401k investors do.

I believe his trip to England to race one year was nearly half price his original budget due to favorable currency rates. But then he did look at it as a trade and "hedged". He bought pounds early over-hedged because he thought they were under valued, when he came back sold at a nice profit.

If you do "hedge" your trips, you might remember to including vig and taxable gains, makes it hard to break even in a hedge that is not recieving IRS hedge treatment.


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