Kindly advise Uncle Howie that he is more than welcome back from his Lakers odyssey now that the Knicks have suddenly become relevant again. The modern NBA is a two-star game in a five-player sport. The Knicks now have their two stars, all of which now puts Mike D'Antoni on the hot seat as his Croesus roster just ran him out of excuses.

Howard "Uncle Howie" Eisenberg responds: 

People forget about how great Billups is. He was the heart of the Pistons teams that got to the NBA and Eastern finals annually and then lifted the Nuggets from mediocrity (even with Carmello) to the West finals. He is a 90% foul shooter, superior 3-point shooter and great in the clutch. The Knicks are a 3 star team! They should be competitive with anyone– except the Brooklyn Nets who will augment Laker castoffs Farmar and Sasha with all of their #1 draft picks and the rubles of their Russian owner.





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  1. Anonymous on February 25, 2011 9:10 am

    The whole NBA needs a makeover. These guys are playing on the same sized court as they did in high school….increase the court size by a 1/2, add one more player to the lineup and see how the complexity of the game changes.

    For me the current game is boring, mostly because i see all these great atheletes crowded into a tiny space where no real strategy can emerge.

    Because the league can not adjust to change overnight, perhaps the league could allow/encourage owners to scale the game up, whereby all teams who play in the new style arenas, have to play under the new terms dictated by a resized venue. Iteration gives the league time to adjust, because without these adjustments, the games are just boring.

    There are probably idle facilitities which could be repurposed to this challenge, damn if it would not to sweet to see the games potential go to another level.


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