For anyone interested in big natural events, check out this article: "Yasi could become category five monster ".

 At the moment it's eerily calm… very, very strange. I woke up this morning and there were no birds flying around, no sounds, absolutely nothing. It's like the wildlife knows there's something going on.

CAIRNS resident Carl Butcher is taking a stand against the might of oncoming Cyclone Yasi– he has vowed to keep tweeting through the terror of the storm.

Butcher, whose Twitter handle @cycloneupdate is fast gathering followers worldwide…

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

There are many books by Henty, favorite author of Getty, that describe how frontiersmen could tell what was happening 30 miles away, especially massacres by Indians, by the bird and insect cover in their own settlements. There are numerous market implications of this. I'd be appreciative of other references to the wisdom of birds, and how the layman can improve his profitability based on observing birds.

Ken Drees writes:

Here's a great article about bird behavior prior to the Longbeach earthquake in 1933.





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