Today I made a Delphic prediction when asked: "should be opportunities on port and starboard. But best not to talk to me unless in response to a query or order while I'm on quarterdeck with enemy in site".

This is the kind of thing that kept Delphi in business for a few thousand years. Completely unfalsifiable. Also, it keeps the range bound boys in business, and the wave and Gann boys in business also, as well as the media when they say something resembling a forecast that isn't a quote from someone with a position.

It also occurs to me that this is the kind of prediction that confirms in your enemy's mind that one is a horse's ass and in your friends minds, they thank you profusely for your wisdom.

Jeff Watson writes: 

It occurs to me one could make an excellent living as a financial reporter, financial guru, predictor, prognosticator by learning how to "Cold Read". Applying these methods should impress the general public with one's financial acumen, prescience, and ability to make money. Truly masterful technique allows one to blame the public for their failure when things don't turn out as described.

The best cold readers don't say anything of meaning, and just allow the victim to internalize and believe what they already thought. Cold reading is usually done by fortune tellers, mentalists, con men, and other charlatans seeking to remove money from the wallets of their victims. Here's a good twelve step method on how to learn cold reading. With a little modification of these techniques and an audience, you'll be on your way to richness, and everyone will think you are a genius…..

Remember Chaunce the Gardner, Jerzy Kosinski's creation in Being There, had the highest levels of society fooled and he wasn't even a cold reader… he was just an example that demonstrated that "People will believe whatever they want to believe as long it is an affirmation of their belief system.





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