David "Buy Everything" Tepper Will Make An Encore Appearance on CNBC Friday

 Ken Drees comments:

There must be a huge request list for his bullish tunes—second time around play–eh?

Craig Mee comments:

Like a trend, while in the top 10 and runs on the board "I'm all ears" but be quick adjust to those melody changes.

Anatoly Veltman writes:

Tepper comes across a totally brilliant man. His September Bullish call at near 1000.00 SP came out as simplistic no-brainer, and it did mark acceleration ofthe upside trend. Tepper's current call is widely perceived to predict 1500.00 SP within a year, although he did remark that current near-1300.00 market contains that much more technical risk - in pursuit of the fundamentally-justified gain.

It's hard to understand why perception of currently-embedded risk appears to completely escape just about anyone's attention. I contend that current market condition, technically, will not allow much enjoyment over 1300, period. Let alone the distant 1500 prospect. We have the market that nobody appears to want to Short anymore; everyone speaking about the market is totally spent out of any will for Bearishness whatsoever .

Ken Drees responds:

State of the union and 12000dow / 1300 s&p nice rounds at a nice time.





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  1. Adam Braus on January 24, 2011 10:33 pm

    Why not reach 1500? The value is just a nominal amount of money, and during the last 2 years the Federal Reserve, and all other central banks have easily doubled the amount of money in the market. The first part of the market that reflected that change was raw materials, the next part will be the stock market. And finally (fingers crossed) the labor market. Why not see 1800 before 2013? Buy everything.


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