Outside the Norm, by Ken Drees

January 24, 2011 |

In the school parking lot on the way to basketball for my son's game today I decided to do some "outside the norm driving" in the snow and ice covered lot. My son, used to my conservative and lawful ways, was very impressed with the donut skid around one hairpin turn and the other half donut around the parking area into a perfect parking spot.

"Dad, whoa what was that whoopee, yeah– oh wow do it some more". its like a movie stunt—

"Now son, you know I am an experienced driver and did you notice me looking front, rear and all around twice before I did each skid to make sure no one was in the way, coming or going, no chunks of curb, light poles, or other items in the way?"

"whatever Dad–you rock"

Reminded me of the time my father decided to do something mildly driving-wise illegal. He got on the freeway on ramp once (in our sexy station wagon (v8 engine), and just kept accelerating onto the freeway well over a hundred, put it into neutral and coasted to the next exit and got off the freeway. My heart was pumping as I looked at him and he looked at me as he floored it–he said he wanted to see if he could coast to the next exit, so he had a reason it seemed. I thought my Dad had this coolness in him that I never knew before.





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