There is a new book out with a mathematical perspective on the paradigm for future tennis:

Paradigm Shift for Future Tennis

One of the authors also has a piece about Who is Going to Win the Australian Open 2011 . FWIW his answer is Roger Federer.





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  1. Andre Wallin on January 21, 2011 5:17 pm

    Days before this rally started in September I received the first advertisement for a credit card and have been ever since. At the time I was very concerned with market generate information so I ignored, but there is MUCH to be said about the subtle clues all around you. Lately I’ve received American Express offers which was a very prevalent card to have pre 2008 crash. It’s a card of status and hubris and it is back. And I am worried for naive investors.

  2. Don Chu on January 21, 2011 6:55 pm

    Sounds interesting. Should be worth a read.

    And from the book description:

    This book will expose the new tennis shot emerging from the field of sports science. It is a real weapon, which can generate a ball-speed similar to that of the first serve: the Power High-Forehand. Its aim is to generate maximal possible racket-head speed while players do not wait for the ball to bounce.
    Weapons of a future tennis game will comprise of whip-like tennis serves and ground strokes, based on the stretch–reflex, and using the whole body in a fluid and integrated manner…

    But wait, that sounds like Agassi. And many had deconstructеd Agassi’s use of whole-body-rotation for controlling fast shots, as well as his mastery of hitting the ball on the rise and reducing reaction time for his opponents.

    Still, an interesting-sounding book. Espeсially the names of the many authors.


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