One notes limits in Bunds price size "84  478  83  292  82  533  81  43  80  1030  79  181  78  696  77  211" thus the even numbers show a preference from the public relative to the odd ( as is true for migratory salmon? )

One puts on the bath robe, and starts to walk to shower at 7 am,but sits down at the trading for a minute before hand, and gets up 6 or 7 times, but has not taken more than 2 steps, as he waits now for the useless weekly employment numbers, with their ersatz moves, too close in time to get in and out of shower.

Alan Millhone writes:

I am at VA in Chillicothe. I was up at six AM to shower. Dark at that hour and Market in US closed. If I were a trader of Dow only I would shower very early and no distractions.

Note watching news in lobby that DOW and NAS down nicely waiting for poor unemployment numbers to surface.





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  1. Russell Sears on January 21, 2011 11:59 am

    For a runner what separates the hard-training college kid from the pros is not the training but the sleep. Sleep is an often overlooked component of an active but balanced life. What is wrong with either squeezing in that minute more sleep or getting up earlier, is that it soon becomes 10 minutes then 30 minutes then….I have found that following a routine and sticking to it may have a one time opportunity cost, but in the long run it prevents burnout/over stress.


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