One notes limits in Bunds price size "84  478  83  292  82  533  81  43  80  1030  79  181  78  696  77  211" thus the even numbers show a preference from the public relative to the odd ( as is true for migratory salmon? )

One puts on the bath robe, and starts to walk to shower at 7 am,but sits down at the trading for a minute before hand, and gets up 6 or 7 times, but has not taken more than 2 steps, as he waits now for the useless weekly employment numbers, with their ersatz moves, too close in time to get in and out of shower.

Alan Millhone writes:

I am at VA in Chillicothe. I was up at six AM to shower. Dark at that hour and Market in US closed. If I were a trader of Dow only I would shower very early and no distractions.

Note watching news in lobby that DOW and NAS down nicely waiting for poor unemployment numbers to surface.


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