How can the lunacy of going up on increased sales above expectation and earnings below expectation go on , and isn't this a symptom of flexionicism ?

Vince Fulco responds:

Everyone being led to believe 4% plus growth is baked into the year for sure.

Alan Millhone comments:

There is a election in two short years and all need to be very wary of all stats coming out of Washington.

 On another note two local gas stations have been back and forth from 3.06 to 3.15 twice today. This afternoon I was at our ACF Bulletin printer and had a nice chat with the owner who like me is a small businessman. He feels when regular hits 4.00 it will be a killer for what he sees as a struggling economy. His business is in parkersburg , W. Va. The council there recently passed a 2.50 " user fee " per employee per week of anyone who works in the city. Yet the city has 1.6 million of uncollected fire and police and flood wall fees.

Craig Mee comments:

It could be a relative symptom of lack of striking negative news after a period of so much and then the shear relief of a being able to breath. Bit like a sick person, who is able to walk and go to the park, after months in bed but still has a chronic condition. When the immune system gets hit again, and white blood cell count gets nasty then it will be back to bed….but in the meantime , the flowers are amazingly beautiful.





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  1. Stamatti on January 20, 2011 2:24 am

    Sorry, but can someone please explain what flexionicism is? When you google it, the one search result in the universe of google’s downloaded web of links is this post… I believe I’ve inferred the correct meaning, but an explanation would be o so welcome.

    Also, if I had to choose which to label lunacy: A) up on increased sales, but decreased earnings. B) Up on decreased sales, but increased earnings. I would overwhelmingly choose B as the recepient of the one flew over the cuckoos nest award. By the way, do you think it a coincidence that more reruns of the Jackie Nicholson film appear to be showing on tv this month? I’ll do some regressions and get back to you in that one.

  2. vic on January 20, 2011 6:55 pm

    A flex is someone like the former secretaries of the interior who when they leave their cabinet posts, become consultants to banks or presidents of colleges, or heads of the international lenders. They are all covered in the Shadow Elite, the book by Jane Wedel, and she coined the word "flexion". Mine is just a tone of respect related to their abiity to make money, the traditonal way, derived from her good work. Your regression sounds like a good idea, but it's so erie to create increased sales with reduced earnings, and I don't think it the point of business so I can't agree with you on that one. vic

  3. Craig Bowles on January 21, 2011 6:45 am

    Of course if the Fed is successful and continues to boost the lagging economic indicators into a relatively slow growing economy, they are going to wind up with an inversion. It’s actually not that far away with lagging index sporting a 1.5% growth rate and the coincident at +1.7%. Of course a responsible Fed would never allow an inverted economy and should have gone to neutral back in August or July. They should be downright tight now. What a mess…


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