Barney's Version is about a typical hypocrite mogul who as in every picture from Hollywood is a movie producer. Divorces first wife when he finds her sleeping with best friend, then divorces second one when he finds her sleeping with other best friend, but at same time at his second wedding, he runs away with girl he just met who likes hockey. Tries to kill his best friend, fights with his kids, develops Alzheimer's, treats his employees like dirt, tries to suppress wife's career, always drunk, or at bar watching hockey, disdains the rich, insults his father in law because they don't wish him to ruin wedding.

Deplores the Jewish Princess because she wishes him to use soap before getting romance below belt, loves his father who is interested in nothing but drink and woman, hangs out with wishy washy artistic types who give him psychic values but loathes them because they are Bohemian and will not give him any tangible values in exchange.Typical situation where writer hates every thing about life including what he is writing about and yet makes his living there. Right out of Ellsworth Toohey kind of view of world, and reminds one of Dominique taking Rourke to see " No skin off his nose" to keep him cold. No wonder the review is rated almost 100% by every pro critic.

Third wife, Miriam is decent woman and shows wish fulfillment of totally loathsome Hollywood (in this case Montreal) trash to marry above their self esteem. Film of 2 hours + seems like 6 hours when you're through and makes you feel as low as the Mogul, director hero. Kind of movie that is guaranteed to happen when Flexionism, and its first cousin , cronyism is rampant in market. Grist for a Max Nordeau.

Typical of such self loving director writers, he causes his first wife to commit suicide by being in drunk stupor watching hockey for two days after she begs him to come after still birth, and then physically throws out the father from BRIGHTON BEACH. When he comes to see daughter,he finds out she committed suicide, and tries to console Barney, who is the spitting embodiment in spirit of Woodie Allen, but the link is there, in case the audience doesn't get it at first, because the father is actually Dustin Hoffman who is Woodie's most intimate soul mate.





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