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Noting the general bearishness on t-bonds I'm wondering why someone would want to participate in a game in which both the bonds and the currency are controlled by the dealer (can't US inc print the money it needs to support the prices, as and when it needs to to keep China inc and Russia inc happy)?

I've played in a lot of tournaments where even the strict rules of chess can be severely bent to favour home grown players, isn't this one a whole lot worse?

Jim Sogi writes:

Well, at least it moves up and down a bit, unlike equities.





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  1. Ed on January 17, 2011 2:54 pm

    They can try to control one or the other but not both. They have a much greater ability to “control” bond prices yet if they do this one too far (and no useful “international scares” suddenly materialize to aid the process) the dollar is gone.


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