Is the quality of the announcing teams for sports broadcasts unusually high because aside from those who are readers of westerns, the sports listener is the most demanding of accuracy in the world? I like the Yankees baseball announcers, and the Knicks television announcers very much. They seem to be very sagacious, infinitely more so than the average market analyst or CNN reporter.

Dan Grossman writes: 

The quality mentioned by Vic also applies to commentary.

Over breakfast I usually switch back and forth between CNBC and Mike & Mike in the morning. The quality, no-nonsense content and science of the latter far exceed any financial commentary that may be offered on the former.

Russ Sears writes:

 I had always thought it was because of the large number of former elite athletes that they have to compete with to get a spot. They love the sport either they are doing this in sports retirement or were great in college but not the right size for the big leagues. These elites raise the bar for all candidates.

The elite athlete, transforming himself into an elite second life, is proof that the elite often can transform themselves to what is valued. Rather than just the "luck" of being born in a system that values "X" as the non-hunting gather Sage would have you believe.

I believe you see this somewhat better at the college level where local announcers are often great local college player. But have not thought up a test of this hypothesis on "quality".





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