It's amazing how Obama continues to misunderstand what a businessman is (and how the media happily carries the ball forward for the misunderstnding).

Far from a businessman, Bill Daley's most important characteristic is that he's the son and brother of long-time Chicago mayors cum heads of Democratic political machines. He was paid $5 million dollars a year by JPM not because he is a wonderful business executive and strategist, but to head their lobbying effort. He's a political fixer, an influence peddler, and no self-respecting businessman would be pleased with his appointment.





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  1. Jack Demming on January 9, 2011 3:07 pm

    This cannot be true. Mr. Obama is a Marxist… don’t you know this - his Marxist roots run deep,,, and just to top it off— he wasn’t even born in this damn country! And he’s black! U.S.A., Tea Party, FOX… oh my!

    If you don’t believe me… ask someone much more credible, (he’s on the radio after all,) like “Mr. Trickle Up Poverty” Savage.

    This way of constantly trying to make the parties out to be soooo different from each other is hilarious. I am serious about that. I admire the powers that be with their ability to B.S. people. And just for the record, I like Fox news. Though I can’t believe people take it seriously, it makes me laugh. Plus, I think Bill O’Reily is great and Beck’s “educating the people” episodes are better than CNN’s Panderson Pooper who “keeps them honest.”


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