The lowly heating oil front month futures contract now at a year high at last weeks close. As earlier discussed will this mark a top in all dollar denominated markets. I am waiting to lock in on a price for my winter oil supply for my home. But I have a hedge of a large supply of wood in my back yard and potential for a wood burning stove. I also learned this weekend that as predicted by the Chair the specialization of labor much more efficient when it comes to cutting, splitting and moving fire woods. At $95 a cord there is just no way I can compete. Though I had a fine afternoon splitting wood.





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  1. Sam on December 6, 2010 1:13 pm

    I also split wood this past weekend with my boys. Older was able to use the axe, wedge and sledgehammer, younger carried logs to and fro. I love these “Little House in the Big Woods” activities — reminds me of my own childhood.

    And yes, hiring out wood-splitting makes economic sense — if you disregard the bleak, diabetes-ridden future awaiting many of the exertion-averse who pay someone else to chop their wood, cut their grass, shovel their driveways.

  2. Bob on December 6, 2010 5:45 pm

    Rent a splitter for $150 or so. You can split an entire tree in one day. And while not as outdoorsy as splitting by hand, it’s still very cool. Plus it can tear through those logs where the tree branches join the main trunk, which can be killers when done by hand.


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