My wife makes a suggestion. How about a list of the 100 most hated companies. Dilbert's Scott Adams points out that he hates Wells Fargo, because they bought all the companies that went bankrupt for him, including Worldcom and Enron, but their stock went up. And he hates Apple so he bought that one too. Taking a look at the companies that the sage owns, one would hate them, and even the average person must know what a sanctimonious self serving poseur he is. Perhaps they would be good ones to buy also. But how would you come up with the other 98% ?

Steve Ellison comments:

I would actually nominate Apple as one of the most loved companies, with many users having a near-religious devotion to Apple products. However, I have many politically liberal relatives and Facebook friends who regularly express outrage at "corporations" (said with a tone of disgust), especially the following:

1. Wal-Mart drives competitors out of business and allegedly underpays and denies health benefits to its employees
2. The entire "Big Oil" sector raises gasoline prices whenever it can and pollutes the environment; Exxon Mobil is the biggest company, but BP is now more hated.
3. Halliburton got no-bid contracts to profit from the war in Iraq
4. Monsanto develops genetically modified crops, never mind that humans have been genetically modifying plants and animals for over 10,000 years using lower-tech methods
5. Microsoft is a monopoly
6. The tobacco sector allegedly tried to suppress evidence that smoking is harmful to health
7. News Corp. owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal
8. The utility sector raised rates and built nuclear power plants or CO2-emitting coal-fired plants
9. McDonald's serves unhealthy food that can lead to obesity; some interpret the sight of a McDonald's restaurant outside North America as a tragic destruction of local culture.

Jeff Watson writes:

Somehow, I suspect the most reviled companies are probably the best run, most profitable companies in their sectors. The general public always despise a winner that does it on their own terms, a la Readon. 

Ken Drees suggests:

Halliburton and BP are hated as enviro haters.





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