This is guaranteed to happen if you're giving your money away to charity without tax at death, and have climbed up the slippery slope by avoiding service payments yourself, and if you are person to invest in government guaranteed high yield convertible preferred.

Gary Rogan writes:

Even judas goats aren't usually this obsessive-compulsive about their assigned task.

Sam Marx writes:

What Buffett leaves out when he says that he pays a lower tax rate on his income than his secretary is that the lower tax rates on the dividends he receives is because they've already been taxed as corporate profit.

If Buffett feels the really rich (over $500 million I'll assume) should pay more taxes, then he should write a larger check to the govt. as an example.

An Anonymous Writer writes in: 

With all his businesses set up to help the rich avoid taxes, (of course, those that sell these products often make more than 50% of what is "saved" without the change in tax risks the avoiders face), or to take advantage of the heirs when the business man dies with his lending of last resort status, he will scoop up the widows and orphan bargains. (Nobody will scream too loud since they are rich widows and orphans.) No wonder he wants to tax the rich more. And he's screaming because he sees the Republicans are going to get their way.





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