"Apple sold 4.19 million iPads last quarter, may have trouble hitting some analysts' estimates of 6 million sold in the fourth quarter".

Apple drop following to the news (may be this is an appetizer for what is going to happen this Christmas?) found new buyers at lunch time. If you read stocktwits or twitter now you can find Apple's fans brag about buying today's low. An indicator could be built using social networks' posts. The users normally are positively biased toward the stock they follow. They represent the "herd". Depending how large the group is, you could model their strength and ability to influence price in the short-term. Top trending tickers are AAPL, SPY, ES_F, GOOG, GLD. Does anyone know if this has already been tested?

Phil McDonnell comments:

A Googler did a research paper on the most searched ticker symbols on their engine and found that the top searches tended to go up for a few days. I do not have the link.


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