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Today I stopped at Third Street Deli. I have dined there for many years. I always have their iced tea. Up until today they gave you a sturdy plastic cup with their name and logo on each cup with bright green lettering. Today they have begun using a mediocre generic paper cup. I asked if out of the others? Was informed it was a 'cut back' .



Victor Niederhoffer comments: 

I think the paper cup may be much healthier. This reminds me of the purveyor of paper cups for Dannon yogurt that owned the old dixie cup plant that I was trying to sell. They told me they had a lock to grow exactly as Dannon did because Dannon needed their cups. I asked, "what about all the colorful plastic cups the other yogurts are beginning to use?" "No way," they said, "yogurt can't be sold in plastic cups because it doesn't taste as good or ferment as well."

Shortly thereafter the company was 1/5 its former 15 mm size. A strange follow up came when I read Roger Kahn's book about running a minor league team. Roger accroding to Larry Ritter was an egomaniac who fancied himself a great baseball player and tried to place it prominently in every book. But Roger found a backer for his minor league team. It was the same owner who assured me nothing could go wrong with the dixie cup. They fought like cats and dogs, and the book makes a hilarious reading as the two of them tried to impose their will on a down trodden minor league team with all the problems of selling ice cream and peanuts and programs to cover the salaries. Paper cups look pretty good in my book.


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