There's an interesting chart illustrating Livermore's point that when a market goes above a round number (1000) it is bullish. Gold approaching 1400, - round numbers at 1200 were temp turning point but runs through other 100s show no tendency to reversal. A whole study has to be done with as is data on individual stocks.

Alan Millhone writes:

All I know is reg gasoline over three now and killing the average citizen. Gold will push two the way things are faltering.

Ken Drees writes:

I am not hearing the gas price complaint yet as it seems that many are very conditioned in the high 2's and even the low 3's may seem not worth complaining about.

I think a round "4" handle on the gas price will start up the wailing and gnashing of teeth this time around.

Sam Marx prophesies: 

$4 gasoline will occur at or before the 2012 election.





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