With S&P, Crude, Naz, Dow, Euro, Bund, gold, Yen, Dax, Estox, Silver, corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, and hundreds of individual stocks at 1 month highs, it is interesting to reflect how long a bull move can last and how far it can go, when fueled by all the wealth that other bulls have and helped along by expansionary policies by the central banks.

Ken Drees comments: 

Since QE is the direct stock and bond market impetus at the moment through indirect likely promises of a recent fed statement and made very pseudo real by the never interviewed but very smart and successful David Tepper on CNBC who basically spelled it out for everyone that the markets are indeed going higher, I say that this rally lasts at least into election day and into the fed meeting where rumor/fact becomes real. All other momo markets are induced as well to grow since the QE feeds them too as collateral liquidity buckets.

As long as I read and hear topaganda I lean bullish.

Gary Rogan writes:

Wow, that was an interesting thought. On Friday I bought something for the first time in 1.5 years, and the first thing ever that wasn't a stock, and that was UNG. I just figured the risks over the next year which is the shortest period of time I intend to hold it are not that high. And for somebody who only buys at 52 week lows the chart looked like the most beautiful thing in the world.

Jeff Sasmor comments: 

Just be aware of how UNG has to roll the underlying position once a month. I happen to be in this one too– but it can grind lower and lower on you. And once a month it's gamed when it rolls to the next month. The effect has been discussed to death in many venues. So it's tricky to hold it for a long time if it stays in a range.

Craig Mee adds:

Certainly might drive the speculators out, (or clobber them if they fade it), as runaway markets present less and less opportunities if one isn't in and sitting tight.

Kim Zussman writes: 

About the only asset class that hasn't been goosed limit up is real estate. A big up-move in house prices would be very useful, driving LTV down, reducing foreclosures, and re-priming the dual wealth effects of McMansion braggadocio and cash-out refinancing. Not to mention fulfilling the campaign promise of re-establishment of the American Dream.





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