The realization is is often faster than the anticipation. Or as they say in chess "the threat is worse than the execution".

William Weaver adds:

And many times less satisfying. 

Anatoly Veltman writes:

Yes, I always remembered that one, since my coach mentioned it when I was 6; but I couldn't quite implement till I turned 12– and only then won first title.

David Hillman writes:

Like Fedex next day air. More often than not, when we ship coast to coast and the client says 'email the tracking number', I say 'you'll have the package before you have the tracking number'. Given system limitations, human intervention, variance in 'normal business hours' and time zones, Fedex makes it possible to physically move a package 3000 miles faster than we can get tracking data to the client electronically. One of the more satisfying examples of 'rapid realization'. Any market parallels? 


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